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Khakimov R.S. Russian federalism: the theory and practice
Textbook. Kazan, 2011. 204 p. (in Russian)
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Khakimov R.S. Russian federalism: the theory and practice
Textbook. Kazan, 2011. 204 p. (in Russian)

Khakimov R.S. Rossiyskiy federalizm: teoriya i praktika (Russian federalism: the theory and practice). Textbook. Kazan: Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy; Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2011. 204 p. (in Russian)     pdf (adobe acrobat reader)  (pdf)


ISBN 978-5-94981-158-0


In the given textbook theoretical bases of federalism, features of becoming and development of federalism in Russia are considered, and also the various points of view on prospects of a state system of the country are submitted.


The textbook is designed for students, post-graduate students, all were interested by the theory and practice of federalism.


The edition is realized at financial support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (the Project Successful strategy of regional development in modern federal and decentralized states: the Russian and international experience, Grant # 06-88375-000-GSS).


CONTENTS (in English)


Introduction  5


Chapter 1. A general characteristic of federalism

Federalism as the theory and practice  10

Definition of concepts of federation and federalism  14


Chapter 2. Ethnos and the state

Vector of a history  23

Empires and the national states  28

The reasons of occurrence of federative states  33


Chapter 3. Basic principles and forms of federations

Principles of the federative structure  37

Symmetric and asymmetric federations  42

The form of the Russian federalism: struggle of opinions  46


Chapter 4. Federalism in conditions of globalization

Experience of transformation of the European states  58

The sovereignty in modern conditions  71

Territorial integrity and the right of peoples on self-determination: dialectics of competing principles  79


Chapter 5. The basic stages of becoming of the Russian federalism

The beginnings of the Russian federalism  90

Establishment of the Russian Federation  94

Periodization of the new federalism  99

Change of a paradigm of development of the Russian statehood  108


Chapter 6. Structure of authority and management in federations

Differentiation of powers in legislative and judicial spheres  112

The status of subjects of the Russian Federation  120

Administrative federalism  132

Local self-management in federative system  140

Budgetary federalism  142

Subjects of federation in system of the international relations  149


Chapter 7. Social and political resources of federalism in Russia

Ethnic and religion processes in Russia and their influence on features of relations between subjects and the federal center  161

Role of political parties and movements in federalization of Russia  172

Estimations of prospects of the Russian federalism  190


Conclusion  198


The recommended literature  200

Abbreviations  202 

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