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Monograph Prospects of Russian federalism in the XXI century
Edited by Rafael Khakimov. Kazan: Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy, Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 2013. 728 p. (in Russian)
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Monograph Prospects of Russian federalism in the XXI century
Edited by Rafael Khakimov. Kazan: Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy, Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 2013. 728 p. (in Russian)

Perspektivy rossiyskogo federalizma v XXI veke [Prospects of Russian federalism in the XXI century]. Edited by Rafael Khakimov. Kazan: Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy, Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 2013. 728 p. (in Russian)

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ISBN 978-5-94981-176-4


Editorial Board: R.S.Khakimov, V.V.Khomenko, R.F.Abdrakhmanov, A.T.Khusnutdinova


The book is the outcome of discussions at conferences held in Kazan by Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy within the research Project Successful strategies for regional development in the modern federal and decentralized states: the Russian and international experience and publication in the journal Kazan Federalist (20102012). The authors leading Moscow specialists, scientists and experts on federalism from Russian regions.


The book is designed for professionals, teachers, students, and a wide range of readers interested in the current state and prospects of federalism in Russia.




CHAPTER I. Evolution of Russian Federalism 7 

  • Irina Busygina, Mikhail Filippov. Vertical of power as the development of the imperial project in Russia: what next? 7
  • Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. And again on the decentralization of powers... 21
  • Vladimir Leksin. The distribution of powers between levels of government as a mirror of Russian federalism 41
  • Inga Pargacheva. Change the order of the formation of the Federation Council: new or well-forgotten old? 59
  • Gulnara Khabibullina. The basic principles for the regulation of the constitutional and statutory jurisdiction courts of the Russian Federation 68
  • Rafik Abdrakhmanov. Extra high presidential and governmental authorities in the Russian system of separation of powers (20002010) 75
  • Ildar Nasyrov. The effectiveness of public administration in the context of political modernization 118
  • Konstantin Kiryukhin. On main directions of improving the political system of Russia 137
  • Donna Bahry. Making Autocracy Work? Russian Regional Politics Under Putin  145

CHAPTER II. Economic and regional aspects of Russian Federalism 167 

  • Vladimir Matveev. The realities of the current stage of the development of strategies for social and economic development of the regions of Russia 167
  • Alexander Shvetsov. Deadlocks modernization of regional policy in the context of strengthening the vertical of power 183
  • Nataliya Zubarevich. The new Strategy 2020: trends, priorities and mechanisms  213
  • Rinas Kashbraziev. Ensuring the proportions of international and inter-regional economic cooperation as a factor of sustainable development in the region 226
  • Vadim Khomenko. Inter-regional economic space and intergovernmental relations 248
  • Varvara Kul'kova. Theoretical understanding of the nature of the relationship between levels of government in the construction of intergovernmental fiscal relations in the Russian Federation 265
  • Boris Lavrovsky, Ekaterina Goryushkina. On the simulation of federal support for the regions 275
  • Ildar Nasyrov. The regional policy of the state in the context of globalization 300
  • Elena Plekhanova. The development of inter-regional trade and economic relations of the Republic of Mordovia 318

CHAPTER III. Social and cultural factors to stability of Russian Federalism 335 

  • Rafael Khakimov. The right of peoples to self-determination in the context of globalization 335
  • Emil Pain. From federalism to civilizational nationalism: the drift of ethno-political issues 347
  • Mariya Mchedlova. Social and cultural dominants in modern politics: new meanings, new policies 362
  • Suren Avak'yan. Questions of national-territorial and national-cultural autonomy in modern Russia 378
  • Valery Stepanov. On the ethnic status and the concept of minority in contemporary Russia 391
  • Vladimir Mukomel'. Ethnic and Migration Policy of the 2000's years in the context of relations between the federal center and the regions 414
  • Leonid Savin. The union of the Russian Federation subjects: a new institutional design 429
  • Leokadiya Drobizheva. Russian identity in the mirror of sociological studies 448
  • Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova. Civic identity in ethno-sociological dimension 468
  • Oleg Podvintsev. The policy of regional identity as a factor in conflicts between the subjects of the Russian Federation 484
  • Guzel Makarova. Russian and regional identity in the context of ethnic and cultural policies of the federal center and Tatarstan 493
  • Alikber Alikberov. Islamic threat of political stability in Russia: Myths and Reality 522
  • Rozalinda Musina. Religion, religiosity and integration problems of Russian society (on materials of ethno-sociological research in the Republic of Tatarstan), 542
  • Marat Lotfullin. Multicultural education as a condition of preservation of native languages within the federal state educational standards 579
  • Venaly Amelin. Orenburg region. The model policy to combat extremism and cooperation with national minorities (positive practice) 586
  • Olga Bogatova. Finno-Ugric republics of the Volga region: the territorial determinants of social inequalities 606
  • Evgeny Klement'ev, Alexander Kozhanov. Cultural and language issues in the ideology of the moderate wing of the Karelian movement 633
  • Khasan Dzutsev. Socio-economic and political situation in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alanya 652
  • Garun-Rashid Guseynov, Anna Mugumova. The modern system of education and the Turkic peoples in the ethno-linguistic situation of the Republic of Dagestan 662
  • Victor Avksent'ev, Denis Lavrinenko. Ethnic and religious factors of conflict in the North Caucasus 671
  • Maya Astvatsaturova. Stavropol region: inter-ethnic relations, ethno-cultural and ethno-political trends in the landscape of the North Caucasus Federal District 682
  • Marat Gibatdinov. The textbooks on history in a multicultural society: the experience of foreign countries 710-726 

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