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Monograph Federalism: Russian and international dimensions
Experience of the comparative analysis. Edited by Rafael Khakimov. Kazan, 2004. 688 p. (In Russian)
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Monograph Federalism: Russian and international dimensions
Experience of the comparative analysis. Edited by Rafael Khakimov. Kazan, 2004. 688 p. (In Russian)

Monograph Federalizm: rossijskoe i mezhdunarodnoe

izmerenija (opyt sravnitel'nogo analiza)    pdf (adobe acrobat reader) (pdf)

(Federalism: Russian and international dimensions

(experience of the comparative analysis))

Edited by Rafael Khakimov. Kazan, 2004. 688 p. (In Russian)

This edition is a result of the year-long discussions, held on the international seminars and conferences, that took place in Kazan within the project Perspectives of Federalism in Russia: Experience of Comparative Research (2001-2003). Leading specialists from Moscow, researches from regions and experts on the problems of federalism from abroad contributed to the book.

The book is designed for experts, teachers, students, and also the broad audience of the readers who are were interested in a modern condition and prospects of federalism in Russia and in the world.

ISBN 5-94981-052-X

CONTENT (in English)

Chapter 1. Peculiarities of federative states

  • Thomas Fleiner, Lidija R.Basta Fleiner. Federalism, Federal States and Decentralization
  • Alexsey Avtonomov. Principles of federalism in Russia and USA: comparative aspect
  • Vyacheslav Shilo. Federalism as a part of American life-style: theory and practice
  • Thomas Fleiner. Switzerland: Constitution of the Federal State and the Cantons
  • Harmut Bayer. Adherence to the Federation as determinative principle of the German state law
  • Raffaele Iacovino. The Visions of Canadian Federalism: An Overview
  • Jaume Vernet. Spain as composite state
  • Gail W. Lapidus. Transforming the National Question: New Approaches to Nationalism, Federalism and Sovereignty
  • Evgeniy Pershin. On some questions of the improvement of federalism in Russia

Chapter 2. Distribution of powers and status of the constituent entities of Federation

  • Donna Bahry. The New Federalism and the Paradoxes of Regional Sovereignty in Russia
  • Milena Gligich-Zolotareva. Distribution of powers in the federative state: comparative aspect
  • Alexander Blankenagel. Distribution of powers and statehood of German Lands in the federative system of FRG: three small lessons for federative systems
  • Josep Maria Castell Andreu. Status of autonomy in Spain: main norms of autonomous communities
  • Jordi Jaria i Manzano. Distribution of powers in the autonomous state as a dynamic strategy of integration of different original communities
  • Xavier Arbs Marin. Relations between state and autonomous communities
  • Alexsey Pavlushkin. Interaction between federal government and public authorities of Russias constituent entities in the legislative activity
  • Midkhat Kurmanov. Place of the legislative (representative) body of Russias constituent entities in the federal legislative process
  • Michel Frederick. Constitution, distribution of powers and international activity of Quebec
  • Sergey Shakhray. Role of the treaties on the distribution of competences and powers between Russian Federation and constituent entities of Russian Federation
  • Ildar Nasyrov. International activity of constituent entities: reasons, aims and factors
  • Elbrus Kargiev. Federalism and international interregional cooperation

Chapter 3. Judicial, tax-fiscal systems and executive authority in the federative state

  • Rainer J. Schweizer. A Perspective from Switzerland: Judicial System for a Federal State
  • David Peloquin. Fiscal relations within conception of the competitive federalism
  • Heinrich Johannes Meyer. Distribution of the fiscal power in the federative state (on the example of Germany)
  • Thomas Stauffer. Fiscal federalism in Switzerland
  • Vadim Khomenko, Nataliya Kulyagina. Principles of organisation of inter-budgetary relations between centre and regions in Russian Federation
  • Ludmila Pronina. Improvement of budgetary and fiscal legislation in Russia towards realisation of the reform of federative relations and local self-government
  • Andreas Vosskuhle. Organisation of the executive power in the federative system of Germany
  • Vladimir Lysenko. Development of federal okrug (districts) and future of the federative system in Russia

Chapter 4. Self-government in the federative state

  • Alexander Cherkasov. Local self-government in the mechanism of Federation (on the example of USA and Russian Federation)
  • Nicolas Schmitt. Swiss municipal system: heterogeneity, complexity, topicality
  • Svetlana Yurkova. Local self-government in Russia
  • Elena Gricenko. New stage of the reform of local self-government in Russia and experience of Germany

Chapter 5. Experiment of states transformation

  • Laura Roman Martin. Constituent system of autonomous communities in Spain
  • Giovanni Poggeschi. Linguistic Rights in Spain
  • Irina Busygina. Relations between authority levels in the federative state and the state of autonomies: comparative aspect (examples of Russia and Spain).
  • Patricia Hogwood. Devolution in the UK: a step towards federalisation?
  • Nicolas Lagasse. Belgian case: federalism by separating
  • Joomart Ormonbekov. Belgian model of federalism: particularities and perspectives
  • Thomas Hueglin. Federalism, subsidiarity and the European tradition
  • Vladimir Kuznecov. Problems of trans-border regionalization and construction of euroregions in Europe

Chapter 6. Political-legal resources of the federalism in Russia

  • Emil Pain. New administrative reforms and their influence on the ethno-political processes in Russia
  • Leokadiya Drobijeva. Who and why needs Federation in Russia: political and socio-psychological view on the problem
  • Rafael Khakimov. Perspectives of federalism in Russia

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