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By the results of the realized projects the Kazan Institute of Federalism (KIF) issued two monographs: Federalizm v Rossii (Federalism in Russia), Kazan, 2001, 350 p.; Federalizm: Rossijskoe i mezhdunarodnoe izmerenia (opit sravnitelnogo analiza) (Federalism: Russian and international dimensions (experience of the comparative analysis)), Kazan, 2004. 688 p.; Politiko-pravovye resursy federalizma v Rossii (Political and legal resources of federalism in Russia), Kazan, 2006. 632 p.

The textbook Federalizm v Rossii i v mire (Federalism in Russia and in the world) (Kazan, 2004, 168 p.) was issued for students of Universities and Institutes who specialized in political science and law.

Since 2002KIF have been issuing journal Kazan Federalist in which political-legal, social and economic, ethnic and religious problems in federative states (theoretical and practical aspects) are covered.

With the purpose of satisfaction the interest of foreign experts to political processes in Russia the monograph Federalism in Russia (Kazan, 2001, 288 p.) was published in English. The special release of magazine Kazan Federalist (Digest, 4(8), 2003) was published in English too.

At the same time the book Federalizm i mnogoetnichnye gosudarstva: shvejcarskaya model' (Federalism and Multiethnic States: the Case of Switzerland ) (Kazan, 2004, 212 p.) was translated on Russian and published for distribution in Russia positive international experience of federalism. Editors of the book Federalism and Multiethnic States: the Case of Switzerland Lidija R. Basta Fleiner and Thomas Fleiner are the largest experts in this field.

In 2007 publication of briefings on the most important issues of development of federal relations in Russia, interethnic and inter-faith relations, ethnic-lingual problems in Russia and the world became a new direction in publishing activities of the Kazan Institute of Federalism.

The KIF extends all publications to the interested experts and the organizations, to universities, other research centres and bodies of the government in Russia, the CIS and in the countries of the far abroad.

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