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Khakimov Rafael Sibgatovich
Director of the Institute of History, Academy of Science of Tatarstan, Doctor of sciences in History
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Khakimov Rafael Sibgatovich
Director of the Institute of History, Academy of Science of Tatarstan, Doctor of sciences in History

Born in 1947 in the city of Kazan.

1. Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Phisics, Kazan State University, 1971
2. Dissertation for a candidates degree (Philosophy), 1980 Kazan State University
3. Doctor of sciences in History, 2009 Kazan State University. Theme of the Dissertation"Development of the Russian federalism in the conditions of sociopolitical transformation of the end XX the beginnings of XXI centuries (the historical and political analysis)"

Fields of research and expert activities:

Participated in negotiations between official delegations of Russia and Tatarstan during preparations for concluding the Treaty On mutual delegation of subjects of management and authorities between state bodies of Russian Federation and state bodies of Republic of Tatarstan. as of 15.02. 1994.

Participant of Constitutional Conference on development of the draft of RF Constitution. Member of State Commission on regulation of the conflict in Chechnya.

Participated in preparation and conducting international consulting meetings The Hague Initiative held in Palace of Peace in the Hague ( 4 sessions ) with the main agenda : the problem of finding optimum model of interrelations between Center and regions in post -Soviet states and study of interrelations experience between Tatarstan and Russian Federation as a model of peaceful resolution of ethnic conflicts.

Organizer and participant of number of scientific conferences on problems of federalism in Russia.

Editor-in-chief of theoretical journal Panorama-Forum

Areas of specialization: politology, history, conflictology

Language spoken: Russian, Tatar - fluently, English - with dictionary.

Published works:
1) Problems of economic independence of autonomous republic. - Voprosy Economiki, 1989, 12.
2) Twilight of Empire. To the question of nation and state. Kazan, Tatknigoizdat, 1993.
3) Problems of asymmetric federative relations (with the example of interrelations between Republic of Tatarstan and Russian Federation). - Federalism - global and Russian dimensions. Kazan, 1993.
4) Tatarstan. Political Life. - Tatars and Tatarstan. Reference book. Kazan, Tatknigoizdat, 1993 .
5) Path Forward for the Russian Federation. - Network on Ethnological Monitoring and Early Waming of Conflict. Bulletin (Vol.2, No.2). June 1995. Cambridge.
6) Rights and freedoms of nations in modern sources of international law (Collection of documents). Kazan, Knizhny dom, 1995. Redaktor.
7) Federalization via stability. Panorama-Forum. 1995. 1.
8) Spiritual values of Tatars and perspectives of Russias federalization. - Actual problems of national policy and federalism in Russia. M., 1995.
9) Prospects of Federalism in Russia: A View from Tatarstan. - Security Dialogue. 1996, Vol. 27(1): 67-80.
10) International experience of resolving ethnic -political conflicts. Stenographic report and analytical materials of consultative round table in the Hague, January 14-15, 1995. Kazan, 1996.
11) From confrontation to bridging. Documents and analytical materials of international consultative round table in the Hague. Kazan, 1996.
12) White Book of Tatarstan. Way to Sovereignty (Collection of official documents). 1990-1995. Kazan, 1996.
13) Russia and Tatarstan at historical crossroads. Panorama-Forum. 1997. 1, 11.
14) Asymmetry of Russian Federation: Look from Tatarstan Asymmetry of Federation. M., Center of Constitutional researches, 1997.
15) Perspectives of Russias federalization: look from Tatarstan Islam in Tatar world: history and modernity. Kazan, 1997.
16) Federalization of Russia: look from Kazan. Rodina, 1998. 4.
17) Russia and Tatarstan. At a Crossroads of History. Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia, vol.37, no.1 (Summer 1998), pp.30-71.
18) Tatarstan's Model For Developing Russian Federalism. Centre and Periphery in Russian Politics. The Development of Russian Federalism. Nr.235, September 1998, pp.43-52.
19) The future of Tatarstan - a challenge to time // Rafail Khakimov. "Economy of Tatarstan after August, 17". Special release of magazine "PANORAMA-FORUM", Kazan, 1999, N 21, pp. 74-88.
20) History of Tatars and Tatarstan: methodological and theoretical problems // Kazan, 1999.
21) Lev Ovrutsky. Conversations with Khakimov // Magazine " PANORAMA-FORUM ", 2000, N 23 - Special release.
22) On the bases of asymmetry of Russian Federation. Federalism in Russia. Kazan. 2001. pp. 212-218.
23) Rafael Khakim. Where is our Mecca? (in russian) (the Manifest of an euroislam). - Kazan: Magarif, 2003. - 63 p. See Where is our Mecca? (in english) mecca eng.pdf
24) Islam in the Volga region (in russian)(History, an Islamic subcivilization in Tatarstan, the Euroislam: key concepts) // The Author's material, January, 2003.


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