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Conference in November 28-29, 2002
Federative relations, regional development and federal regions
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Conference in November 28-29, 2002
Federative relations, regional development and federal regions

Program of the scientific conference:
Federative relations, regional development and federal regions, Kazan, 28-29, November 2002

Place of arrangement: National cultural center Kazan

The conference has been arranged jointly with the Center of the Strategic Researches of the Privoljsk Federal Region (CSR PFR), Nijniy Novgorod

  • List of participants of the Conference
  • 28th November
    • Session 1.Federative relations and the processes of regionalisation: strategic perspectives, conflicts of interests, civil consent
      • Sovereignty, self-determination and self-government: subjectivity of the federative relations and civilized perspectives of federalism
        :Oleg Genisaretsky
      • Strengthening of federalism or slow unitarization?
        :Boris Jeleznov
    • Session 2. Ethno cultural and ethno political perspectives of the development of the federative relations
      • Integration of Russia in Russia and ethno cultural relations
        :Yuriy Gromiko
      • The new administrative reforms in the RF and their influence on the ethno cultural processes
        :Emil Pain
  • 29th November
    • Session 3. Federalism and regional development
      • Who catches states initiative of regional development?
        :Oleg Alekseev
      • Economical relations of the RT: status and the perspectives of the development
        :Vadim Khomenko
  • Presentations in the debates
    • Regional political regime of Nijniy Novgorod: problems of transformation of influence of the centers of power
      :Nikolay Raspopov
      The most important condition that a researcher of political processes in post-Soviet Russia faces is discrepancy of the formal and real contests of functioning of the centers of influence of the political regime
    • Development of regions: conceptual contexts
      :Adrey Makarichev
      From the very beginning of the administrative territorial reforms the Privoljsk Federal Region was presented as a vanguard region, favorite region, a region with a special mission
    • The organizational lawful aspects of reflection of national and regional interests in the activities of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
      :Victor Malinovsky

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