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Conference in June 22-23, 2001
Federalism: Russian and Swiss Perspectives
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Conference in June 22-23, 2001
Federalism: Russian and Swiss Perspectives

The State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Embassy of Switzerland in the Russian Federation were the initiators of the organizing the International Scientific Practical Conference "Federalism: Russian and Swiss Perspectives" (Kazan, 22-23th of July, 2001)

The Conference is financially and organizationally supported by:

The organizers extend their appreciation to the John and Catherine McArthur Foundation (USA) for its complementary financial support.

Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Doctor of Political Science, Farid Mukhametshin and Ambassador of Switzerland in the RF Walter Fetscherin made a welcoming speech greeting the participants of the conference. 


Scholars and experts from Tatarstan, Switzerland, Moscow, Nijniy Novgorod, deputes of the Republic of Tatarstan, representatives of several international organizations with a great interest discussed the real aspects of federalism dealing with problems of delimitation of authorities between federal, regional and municipal authority, with problems of legal and tax systems.

The materials of this conference were published in Russian and English. 

  • List of participants of the Conference
  • 22th of June
    • Session 1
      Subsidiarity as a Principle of Federalism
      • Switzerland: Subsidiarity, Ethnic and Cultural diversity
        Авторы:Thomas Fleiner, Switzerland
        Modern Switzerland has been constituted out of 25 sovereign (6 half cantons) cantons with the first Federal Constitution of 1848. With regard to its cultural diversity Switzerland is composed of 17 Cantons, which are German speaking, four Cantons, which are French speaking, and one Canton, which is Italian speaking. Three Cantons are bilingual (German – French) and one Canton has three languages (German, Romansh and Italian).
      • On Interrelation between Democratization and Good Governance
        Авторы:Alexander Gorelik
        "Good governance comprises the supremacy of the law, effectiveness of the state institutions, transparency and accountability within official structures, respect for human rights and practical participation of people in all the political processes happening in their county as well as decision making processes which can affect their lives".
      • Problems of subsidiarity of Russian federalism on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan
        Авторы:Shakir Yagudin
        Modern Russian federalism is a new, developing phenomenon, and thus it is open for perfection and operational development in view of accrued domestic and foreign experience. This thesis, which reflects one of the important aspects of subsidiarity, in our view is natural, obvious and indisputable.
    • Session 2
      Judicial System
      • A Perspective from Switzerland: Judical System for a Federal State
        Авторы:Rainer J. Schweizer
        The 26 Swiss cantons, that all are liberated even though their different greatness, enjoy a constitutionally protected sphere of material autonomy and they participate in federal decisions, since the Constitution guarantees their right to participate together with the people of the country in decisions concerning their spheres of competence.
      • Topical Problems to Modernise the Federal Structure of Russia (legal aspects)
        Авторы:Milena Gligich-Zolotareva
        The legislative initiatives of the Russian President, aimed at strengthening the state, evoked a disputable reaction and justified criticism, because of the absence of a single concept concerning the perfection of the state structure. Simultaneously several reforms, that touch the main spheres of state and public life, are carried out (federal, administrative, judicial, legal, land, labor, pension, communal, tax, reform of political parties, electoral system, reform of rail transport, gas branch, power engineering are among them, and it is not the entire list), but still they turn out to be rather superficial and contradictory.
      • Federalism and International Interregional Cooperation
        Авторы:Elbrus Kargiev
        The Constitution of the Russian Federation of 1993 has provided conditions for developing regional foreign contacts. For the first time in the Russian history real federalism was included into the sphere of the state international activities.
      • Judicial System in Russia: a Perspective from Tatarstan
        Авторы:Midkhat Kurmanov
  • 23th of June

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