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Conference in January 30-31, 2002
Political and Legal Foundations of Federalism in USA and Russia
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Conference in January 30-31, 2002
Political and Legal Foundations of Federalism in USA and Russia

PROGRAM of scientific practical conference «Political and Legal Foundations of Federalism in the USA and Russia»
Kazan, January 30-31, 2002

Place of holding the conference:
conference hall of the Institute
of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan

  • List of participants of the Conference
  • 30th of January

    Greeting of Tatiana Zhdanova,  Director of Moscow Representation of John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur’s Foundation.
    Presentation of the Kazan Institute of Federalism, publications and magazine.

    • Session 1
      • Peculiarities of Russia as a state and the problems of comparative federalism
        Авторы:Rafael Khakimov
        The text of the paper is under redaction
      • The principles of federalism of Russia and USA: comparative aspect
        Авторы:Aleksey Avtonomov
        The comparative legal method demands usage of special research techniques assigned by the nature of the object, for example, the state authorative nature of relations developing during federative construction, or the normative nature of the law. At the same time, the comparative legal method is not applicable for all the normative systems.
      • Federalism as a Part of American Life-Style: General Theory and Practice of Development
        Авторы:Vjacheslav Shilo
        Federalism as a form of state structure in the form of the prevalent and historically established political administrative division of the state is one of the two bases of organization and functioning of the political system of the American state.
      • Comparative Russian and American Federalism: California and Tatarstan
        Авторы:Gail Lapidus, USA
        The text of the paper is under redaction
      • Confessional Factor and Legislation in a Federative State: Experience of the USA and Russia
        Авторы:Leonid Sjukiaynen
        The text of the paper is under redaction
    • Session 2
      • Paradoxes of Territorial Sovereignty: Comparative Prospects
        Авторы:Donna Bahry, USA
        The text of the paper is under redaction
      • Regional Legislation: Problems and the Ways of Bringing to Conformity with the Federal Laws. Example of the Volga Region
        Авторы:Venaliy Amelin
        The Process of bringing to conformity with the legislative basis, especially in the regions of the Volga Region Federal Okrug, was going very hard and contradictorily. At the beginning of 2001, 1089 from the 1100 laws, statements of republican constitutions, regulations of regions of the Volga Region Federal Okrug have been brought to conformity. 11 normative legislative statements, 6 of them are of the Republic of Tatarstan, need to be brought to conformity.
      • Amedments to the Constitution of the RT and Status of the Interrelations between the RT and the RF
        Авторы:Marat Galeev
        According to the combined rating of the investigative attractiveness Tatarstan, in the last five-year period, is invariably among the first five subjects of the Russian Federation, according to the minimality of political risks Tatarstan is in the first place in the last three years.
      • Constitutional Legislative Bases of the Ethnical Components of the Russian Federalism
        Авторы:Shakir Yagudin
        Ethnical aspect of Russian federalism finds its own expression and is realized through both national territorial and national cultural forms, also on the level of the concrete individual, through guarantee of protection of his individual rights and freedom.
      • Real Federalism as the factor of maintenance of rights of nations and human
        Авторы:Rashid Vagizov
        The problems of federalism are directly related with the realization of the rights of a concrete man and nations in the period difficult for life of the Russian Federation and every Russian citizen.
  • 31th of January
    • Session 3
      • Federative Finances in the Light of the Theory of Groups by Mansur Olson
        Авторы:Sergey Korolev
        Theory of groups is the only one of the aspects of many-sided creativity of the famous American economist and sociologist Mansur Olson. But exactly this aspect is the in the center of the interest of lawyers, economists and political scientists studying the problems of federalism.
      • Problems of Improvement of Federal and Regional Legislation
        Авторы:Evgeniy Pershin
        The text of the paper is under redaction
      • Local Government in the Mechanism of a Federative State
        Авторы:Alexander Cherkasov
        Constitutional right of the contemporary federative state can establish status of the local government as an independent level of government and regulate its bases at the national level.
      • Institutional Fundamentals of Economics of Federalism
        Авторы:Gouzel Singatullina
        The text of the paper is under redaction

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