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Research problems of federalism and public policy


ANO Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy (KCFPP) was established 1 april in 2009 with preservation of continuity in the Internet (kazanfed.ru), publishing (the magazine Kazan Federalist) and scientific-researching activities ANNO Kazan Institute of Federalism. At the same time KCFPP makes ones aim and poses a problems achievements and solutions of which are suppose studing of broader sphere of political and legal, social and economic, ethnic and religion problems in Russia and in the contemporary world.


The main aim of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Kazan Center of Federalism and Public Policy (KCFPP) is accordance of facilities in the field of studying and distribution of positive experience of the state building and public policy of contemporary federative and decentralized states in the sphere of ethnic and religion relations, assistance to the statement of ideals and democracy principles, equal rights of citizens and nation; investigations and expansions of positive practices to regulations of political conflicts.


For achievement of specified purpose KCFPP puts before itself the following tasks:

  • Realization and support of research activity in the field of the state building and a public policy;
  • Assistance to strengthening of a legal basis of federative relations in the Russian Federation;
  • Propagation of the positive international experience of the federal and decentralized states, positive practices of multicultural communities in sphere inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations
    in the social conscience and in the political legal structures of a society;
  • Assistance to formation of democratic political culture, tolerance and culture of federalism;
  • Formation of new generation of experts in the field of federalism, rights and a public policy;
  • Development and expansion of information infrastructure in the field of state and legal building;
  • Establishment, support and development of inter-regional and international scientific contacts.
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